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Prevention starts at the earliest of ages. Yes, even kids as early as six months are susceptible to cavities or tooth decay. When a child’s teeth begin to show, brushing them is a must. Dr. Jang is eager to help any patient who needs guidance on the proper techniques to care for a baby’s teeth. As your San Francisco family dentists, Dr. Gail and Dr. Andrew have committed herselves to practicing gentle, yet comprehensive dentistry for patients of all ages. At Jang Family Dentistry, we put our patients first and always are sure to accommodate them in the best ways possible. With a friendly and professional environment, combined with professional dental services, we know that we will go above and beyond your expectations.

Since 1977, Dr. Gail Jang has seen patients ranging from 6 months old and older, giving her the experience and knowledge you can trust to take care of your family’s dentistry needs. Since 2012, Dr. Jang has been recognized in This website helps to identify the nation’s best dentists and it is the only list of its kind that is chosen directly by the dental professionals themselves.

A misconception that some people may have is that they don’t need to actively brush a baby’s teeth because they will fall out anyways and new ones will take their place. Healthy gums and teeth aren’t just important for adults, they help children chew food and to speak clearly. The adult teeth also need a solid and healthy foundation to grow into; decay and gum inflammation can have negative effects on the overall health of the permanent teeth. Dr. Gail Jang is heavily experienced in the field of pediatric dentistry services and can help your child’s first dental visit be a successful one.

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