My first time at Jang Family Dentistry was a world away from previous experiences elsewhere. It was good to be treated with professionalism and care. I believe Jang Family Dentistry consists of the word "family" because the doctors are related, but also because they treat their patients as if they are part of the family. I've never received such gentle and sympathetic care. Dr. Gail is big on prevention, so she never hesitates to educate and takes the time to answer all my random questions about my teeth. Dr. Andrew is always so joyful and makes you feel secure. I went in to color correct my teeth after a root canal. Dr. Gail fixed my smile just in time before my wedding. I am truly grateful! At Jang Family Dentistry you won't get that awful feeling of dread the next time you need to go to the dentist.

Elaine W.

Dr. Gail Jang is a dentist who brings professional and efficient dental care to make her clients' comfortable as she addresses their dental needs. She is attentive and knowledgeable; aware that the client may have some misgivings about the procedures. She communicates her skill and ability with precision and gentle expertise. I feel very comfortable having Dr. Jang as my dentist.

Diane K

I have been using Dr. Gail Jang since 1998! Yup, last year was our 20-year anniversary. Ha! Even when I was living in Asia for 10 years I always came back to her for exams and cleaning every six months. She is the most professional, patient, thorough dentist I have ever seen. She did all my crowns before my wedding 18years ago and they are still looking great! She explains everything to you and recommend things only she would do for herself. I grew up no having the best teeth because my parents didn't emphasize dental health but ever since I met Dr. Gail Jang, Mu dental health has improved significantly! I haven't had a cavity for as long as I can remember, probably over 15 years! Thank you Dr. Jang!


I have been a client for many many years and I love working with Dr. Gail, and Cindy too.

Dr. Gail actually LIKES dentistry, which is very different from my prior experiences. She actually wants people's teeth to be healthy and clean, so she does both the exam and the cleaning herself!

She is also super smart and up-to-date; top of her graduating classes, I'm pretty sure, and also used to teach a bit at UCSF Dental School.

Besides that, she is actually a type of person you would want to be, in so many ways, including always rested and ready to go, and a great listener.

We also avoided expensive periodontal surgery/etc. through care and planning. I was so thankful for that.

So, I hope only good and thankful people will be her clients. :-)

Joy H

've had 2 cleanings here now and really enjoyed my experience. I've seen the dentist many many times since I acquired weak teeth from my mom so I take effort in making sure they're taken care of. Since my insurance pays for bi-annual cleaning, I might as well take advantage of it.

The office is located smack in the center of Union Square, in the northwest corned of the Macy's building. Just tell the receptionist out front that you're going to see Dr Jang and you don't need to sign in.

The office is nice and clean and quiet. All the equipment is pretty new and clean as expected. Dr Jang creates a nice, peaceful environment as you lay in your chair getting your teeth worked on. Fortunately I haven't had to come with major problems yet, just teeth cleaning so I can't really speak on any other procedures that Dr Jang does but I will say that she does a thorough job cleaning teeth. Yes, she doesn't pawn off the work to a dental hygienist...she takes the time to evaluate your teeth and clean each pearly white!

Dr Jang was also the first dentist to ever have the courage to tell me the truth about my teeth instead of just passing the buck and I appreciate her honesty. She took the time to explain things in detail and did a good job reassuring and educating.

A nice touch was the followup letter I received after my first visit with a floss-to-go card that fits in a wallet. I've never seen anything like that and I thought that was a cool thing to receive in the mail.

Overall, I highly recommend Dr Jang and her team. She'll listen, take the time and treat you right!

Sam L

Yes...that's right - I live in ANTIOCH and Dr. Gail Jang is my dentist - in SAN FRANCISCO.

Why? Because in the past I had bad experiences with dentists that hurt me. I have a fear of dentists that borders on terror. In fact, my first time at Dr. Jang's I almost had myself convinced to cancel the appointment. I'm glad that I didn't.

Dr. Jang listened to me when I told her that I metabolize novocaine quickly..like outrageously quickly. I told her that I've had dentists that told me that they couldn't give me any more numbing even though I could feel everything they were doing. I've left some dental offices in tears and in so much pain that I had chosen to avoid dental care for years before my husband pushed me to try again. She has had to stop mid-procedure and give me more because I could start to feel these lightning bolts of pain through my nerves. Sometimes..the intense vibration of the drills do it to. I actually think my nerves are kind of mis-wired in my gums.

Dr. Gail and her assistants are very patient and understanding. When they see I'm getting tense ... she will tell me to breathe..and it helps me calm down. They help me to control my reaction/fear. They don't make me feel like i'm a pain in the ass kind of patient. She puts on hawaiian music and it helps me to relax.

Yes. I travel from Antioch to SF to see my dentist. She is patient. She is caring. She does NOT hurt me. From a patient who actually used to lose sleep because of stress


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